Submitted by Lightband Studio


Location: HONG KONG, Hong Kong

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Regina Chow

Red Abacus 2882


Derek Wang



GROVE is a glass and light sculpture that was commissioned for the entryway of The Woods, a lounge and restaurant located in Central, Hong Kong. GROVE consists of a series of dynamically lit glass branches. As one descends down the stairs from the entryway into the subterranean lounge below, GROVE transforms into an artful canopy.


The client requested an entryway design that would compliment the elegant and carefully coordinated decor of the lounge below. Final design needed to fit into a very narrow and long stairwell while also anchoring the entryway. GROVE, the completed artwork, lures guests into the space without revealing too much about the spectacular lounge below. Navigating the stairway offers varying perspectives on the artwork as warm LED lights are programmed to dynamically shift throughout the varying sections of the glass branches. Viewed from the street level, the overall design of GROVE pays homage to the logo design of THE WOODS.


Lightband Studio worked closely with Red Abacus 2882, the architect behind The Woods. When final design was accepted by the client, Lightband Studio worked with the architect to coordinate the artwork design with the entryway interior design in order to provide a seamless overall look. Red Abacus 2882 was in frequent contact and provided wall material samples as well. In addition, the two firms also worked closely to ensure a smooth installation.