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Granite Mother

Submitted by Antoinette Schultze

Client: OVP Management, Inc.

Location: North Conway, NH, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Antoinette Prien Schultze

Industry Resource

Rob Boulanger, Engineer

Rock of Ages Quarries, Inc.

Industry Resource

Ross Art Studio

Ross Art Studio


The design concept came from my knowledge of the ancient Pueblo Indian sites where small stone carvings of Corn Mothers where found. My design depicts a 12' x 5' x 3.5' granite carving in the shape of a woman, that represents and expresses the importance of the granite industry to the site. The granite evokes an eternal and ancient presence and the vine-like wrappings represent the paths and choices made over time. The colored glass adds fluidity and spirit to the sculpture. Color symbolism excites and creates specific sensations that are universally felt.


My goal was to provide a sculpture that was easily identified as important to the area, while having an interesting and enjoyable affect, perhaps creating a magical highlight in an unusual setting. The sculpture needed to be of a size, shape, color, and material that interacted well with the architecture of the buildings, and the plaza. I wanted the presentation of the art to be strong in meaning and material. The overall design was to introduce a symbol of the human spirit into a place created for commerce. The design had to enhance the site, not diminish it, creating a contemplative and exciting interlude for shoppers.


-- Visit planned site for buildings and plaza, attain map of plans for site.
-- Meet with client representative at site.
-- Enter contest with my proposed design.
-- Win competition, draw up contract agreement, correspond several times with OVP’s lawyer to come to an agreement.
-- With 1st payment, at quarry I select granite, have quarry saw level & size block.
-- I pick up granite with my truck and trailer, have a crane unload it and place it in my studio.
-- Work alone drilling, grinding, carving for 11 months.
-- Select colored glass for dress, shape and inlay into stone.
-- Etch and paint granite base stone.
-- Carve circular head in styrofoam, bring head and glass to Ross Art Studio.
-- Glass studio makes mold, melts glass into mold of head, cooling it for 1 month.
-- I pick up head, spend 2 days buffing surface to a glow. Make a stainless steel circle necklace and install it on neck. Spend 3 days installing head with epoxy in a prepared cavity at neck.
-- Interact with client rep. about size and shape of cement base with flowers.
-- Hire crane to load sculpture on my trailer, I deliver to site. Have crane there to install in place.