Graduate Hotel East Lansing MI Bronze Cast Apple Blossom Branches - CODAworx

Graduate Hotel East Lansing MI Bronze Cast Apple Blossom Branches

Submitted by Paula Jensen


Location: Montgomery , IL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Paula Jensen

Earth Eagle Forge LLC


Larry Jensen

Earth Eagle Forge LLC


Bronze Cast Apple Blossom branches we created for a front desk for a new Graduate Hotel in East Lansing Michigan. We were contacted by PREMIER ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS to create this work of art. They had the design but needed us to sculpt and cast the sculpture.

Earth Eagle Forge LLC designs and creates metal art, based in Northern Minnesota.


Our client wanted a realistic apple blossom sculpture that would be durable as well as safe for the public to get close to.


We sculpted the apple blossoms using monster clay. Created silicone molds around the clay patterns which we were then able to create wax duplicates. We then went through the process of lost wax casting the blossoms into bronze. The branches were forged (blacksmithing) out of bronze solid round stock and the entire piece was then welded and detailed. Patina applied as our client requested.

Additional Information

To better see the apple blossom sculpture for the front desk at Graduate in East Lansing Mi, go to these website.