Location: Kunming, China

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Interior Designer

Ajax Law

One Plus Partnership Limited

Interior Designer

Virginia Lung

One Plus Partnership Limited


The original design of the first floor lobby was relatively conventional. It required the designers to make significant artistic improvements on the basis of the completed lobby. With a limited budget, the designers spent a lot of time to think of a various form of the design which would still connect with the ‘Stone Forest’ theme. In the end, they came up with an idea to illustrate the Stone Forest in a rather abstract way.


The designers re-created the outline of the Stone Forest in the space. A large perforated board was erected in the lobby, and a ‘v-shaped’ board extending from the ceiling was used to pass through the vertical board - together, they form an independent group. These groups in different colours are spread throughout the space and create in interactive sculptural art installation.

The designers considered that the lobby, as the entrance of the office building, will also have reception and waiting functions, yet some clients may still prefer a certain degree of privacy. Therefore, they chose perforated metal plates to enable permeability - as Yunnan Stone Forest has irregular stone caves, they opened holes in different sizes on the metal plate to resemble this characteristic. An extra touch would be the interesting shadows being cast on the ground and the wall when daylight shines through the holes.