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Fuddruckers Pendant Lights

Submitted by Mark Rosenbaum

Client: Fuddruckers Restaurant

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $1,500

Project Team


Mark Rosenbaum

Rosetree Blown Glass Studio


Fuddruckers Restaurant


To design and make eight blown glass pendant lights that would be installed over the customer counter in Fuddruckers Restaurant inside the Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans.


My goal was to design and fabricate a set of blown glass pendant lights that would show the beauty of the colors and patterns that can be only attained through glass. The lights would have to be bright enough to "compete" with the lights and sounds of an active casino, to enhance, but not overpower the customer's experience in the restaurant. I chose the bright colors of the hotter hues of red, yellow, and orange to integrate the project among the the multicolored interior of the casino. The restaurant is located at one of the main entrances of the casino, so the importance of a clean and bright design was paramount. The visual interesting element of the lights had to be both functional and decorative.


The owner had seen my lighting at another location and thought that my art would work well in his restaurant. Other than the number of fixtures needed, he had no restrictions and gave me the freedom to design the fixtures as I thought fit for the space.

Additional Information

The final installation gives the restaurant a bright focal point amongst the sensory overload that the casino more commonly gives its customer. The patterns and repetitive colors of the fixtures give the customer a focal point to concentrate on and redirect their attention.