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Fréo Ellenlic: Brave and Valiant Woman

Submitted by Barbara Burns

Client: Heallreaf II

Location: Harpswelll, ME, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Barbara Burns

Burns Studio


Heallreaf II

Heallreaf II


Fréo Ellenlic, Anglo Saxon for daringly, valiant woman. She is boldly courageous, brave and worthy. This tapestry is full of symbols beginning with the image of a female archer on horseback with her arrow nocked, bow drawn, ready to shoot. When I tell you that this tapestry was inspired by the #MeToo movement you may see more than first meets the eye.

To Fréo Ellenlic is not any woman: she is all women. She is not just sitting on a horse, she is mounting her bridled power. She is focused and heroic. When the arrow strikes the target the score is irrefutable and true. The feathers or fletching on the arrow provide stability and accuracy in flight. They are yellow, the color of clarity, enlightenment and honor. The background surrounding the archer is woven in cool greens, the archer and her mount are predominantly warm colors. Cool colors are cold, impersonal and antiseptic. They are also comforting and nurturing. Warm colors can convey excitement or even anger. The color purple which is used in the archer’s clothing and sash is synonymous with royalty. This mysterious color is associated with both nobility and spirituality.





Additional Information

Our dreams are full of symbols, subliminal messages. They can be very powerful, disturbing, exciting. We are awash in symbols through advertising and social media and we have been trained to respond. As an artist I infuse my work with an images and symbols convey meanings more effectively than verbal descriptions.