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Four Seasons of Wisconsin

Client: Tomah Healthcare

Location: Tomah, WI, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team


Barbara Westfall

Barbara Westfall Art Glass Design


Tim Sessions, AIA

BWBR Architects

Art Consultant

Victoria Hovde

Dorsey-Hovde Art Design


Medium: Fused glass and stainless steel. Dimensions: 4 panels 2’w x 6’h ea, footprint 8’w x 6’h. Collaborating with Minnesota art consultant Hovde-Dorsey Design and the project team at Tomah Healthcare, Barbara Westfall Art Glass Design developed four public art murals for the lobby of the new Tomah Memorial Hospital. The client was seeking a distinct series of glass and stainless steel murals that reflect the regional natural beauty of Wisconsin. Four murals were constructed to represent the 4 seasons of Wisconsin. Each season has a theme. Spring Sunset on the Lake; Summer Cranberry Harvest; Autumn Birch Trees and Winter River in Snow. The glass panels were constructed in sections, and the custom laser-cut metal branches are adorned with glass leaves, flowers and bark.


The goals set by the designers and hospital staff was to produce a series of four welcoming lobby art glass and metal murals for the new wing of the hospital located in northwest Wisconsin. The regional seasonal beauty of Wisconsin was identified as the goal for the art. Each of the four panels were constructed to represent the beauty of Wisconsin's landscape.


The architect and art consultant worked as a team to develop four wall niches to support art glass and metal murals. Color scale drawings were developed by artist and submitted electronically to the team. Design was approved and the budget for the lobby was accepted. A timeline was developed by the artist and completed within targeted installation date. Art was transported and installed by the art consultant team.