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Flux Luminous

Client: The Danish National Bank

Location: copenhagen, Denmark

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Astrid Krogh

Astrid Krogh


Hanne Fabricius


Industry Resource

Niels Tue

Tue Gruppen


Materials: Perforated, brushed and impregnated aluminum.
15 panels: each: 278 x 160 cm Circle: 340 x 340 cm Curtain: 1800 x 300 cm. The exhibition Flux Luminous at Danmarks Nationalbank is like an invitation to meditate on the flux of life.
The exhibition consists of 3 elements: a gigantic blue “Sky Curtain”, a circle of light “Skylight”, that imitates the changes of daylight in the sky, and a series of aluminium panels “Cloud Illusion”.


Krogh’s starting point is often her assessment of the natural light illuminating the space she’ll
work in, which she examines to gauge its intensity, color spectrum and the shadows that form as it moves. Krogh balances these factors against the practicalities outlined in the project brief, then brings them together to charge the space with energy and emotion, which makes the architecture
come alive.


A collaboration between Astrid Krogh and The Danish Nationalbank.