Fluora - The Magical LED Houseplant - CODAworx

Fluora – The Magical LED Houseplant

Submitted by Color+light


Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team

Engineering Lead

Jacob Lampack


Lead Designer

Gerri Witthuhn


Mechanical Engineer

Gene Gisin



Make your space the destination with Fluora, the world’s first LED Houseplant. Inspired by the houseplant, it’s made up of 300 individually addressable LED that swirl and pulse to life with any color imaginable.

Fluora doubles as a smart light, and can be programmed and scheduled with a mobile app. Multiple plants can also be synced together and integrated with music, API’s or sensors!


Of all the Art we've created, its the ones with natural form factors such as leaves, flowers, and trees that have resonated the most with our audience. We wanted to created a smaller, more modular piece of art that had the essence of our beloved larger installations.

Additional Information

We designed Fluora to elevate everyday moments and rituals. It’s great for social gatherings, movie screenings, dinner parties, date nights. Fluora also can help you wake up and focus, as well as relax and sleep. All images/video seen are real product footage, not renders!