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Floating Mt. Evans Sky

Client: Barber Architecture, Miller Global Properties

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2008

Project Team

Industry Resource

Michael C. Mayer, Managing Director

Franz Mayer of Munich


Reiner John

Art Consultant

Erica Behrens, Director, USA/Canada

Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc.


A suspended glass sculpture and mosaic “carpet” in the lobby of 1001 17th Street, a commercial and office high-rise in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado.
This two-part artwork installation consists of a series of laminated, hand painted and airbrushed panels set in a steel hanging, sculptural framing structure along with intricate mosaics created out of Italian glass smalti, hand-chopped and set installed between two escalators. The hanging glass imagery is completely abstract while the mosaic design references satellite images of the surrounding Mount Evan mountain range.


The client was interested in filling this long, narrow and high-atrium space with a kaleidoscope of color and light. Transforming the space with the materials and the natural light and creating an interest to the tenants. The artwork draws the users into the space and towards the escalators and up to the upper level of the building while activating the marble walls and floors with brilliant and ever changing light and moving color throughout the day.


This project was developed in close collaboration between the glass studio, Franz Mayer of Munich, Inc. and Barber Architecture. Mayer of Munich's services included that of the art consultant for the project and assisted in presenting and selecting artists for the eventual commission. The final design and ideas then fluidly worked with both the mosaic and glass studio to create this multidimensional installation for the challenging space.