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FCE Benefits Break Room

Submitted by Larcade Tiles

Client: FCE Benefits

Location: San Antonio, TX., United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $1,600

Project Team


FCE Benefits


Margaret Larcade, Tile Designer

Industry Resource

Larcade Larcade Tiles


My assignment was to take this small windowless room adjacent to a space with existing kitchen facilities and create an employee break room for about 10 people at one time. The client's budget was limited to new paint and hardware in the kitchen area, a new vinyl floor, and 2 new tables and chairs. My job was to make this a pleasant space for coffee and lunch. Adjacent offices are all painted a medium gray, a subdued atmosphere for employees who spend the day on their computers dealing with insurance.


I needed a subdued atmosphere with some punch... a space with reference to the rest of the building but also a real "break" from those spaces. I decided to commission myself, Larcade Larcade Tiles, to create a band of tiles with fun patterns and color within a surrounding palette of grays. My lighting was the fluorescent of the building grid, again no natural light. The interior and design and the tile banding were all of one piece or mindset.


My client and his staff wanted me to create a pleasant atmosphere for clients breaks. I presented the concept and budget to them and they said loved the concept. It was part of a general upgrading on the older building. I trusted my approach based on my years in the design field; I knew this was an appropriate place to use the tiles I design and manufacture.

Additional Information

The employees love this space, an overflow space from another employee break room on another floor. The feedback from employees has been very positive and some want a similar installation in the other break room. The owner of the business said it was wonderful. The budget should have been larger but since this was a laboratory for some of my ideas, it was a win for me as the tile designer to see a concept installed. I am pleased the employees like the room so much.