Facebook Cloud Machine - CODAworx

Facebook Cloud Machine

Client: Facebook, Inc. - Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team

artist, creator, fabricator

Chris Natrop

Chris Natrop Studio


Dina Pugh

Facebook, Inc.


I was approached by Facebook’s Artist In Residence program to develop two permanent site-specific installations for their newly constructed buildings in Menlo Park and Playa Vista. For Playa Vista, I created a multifaceted installation, suspended in midair, twisting loosely into a double-helix. The work spins its way upward in a tempest of color, its amorphous shape fracturing into repetitive geometry as it ascends. Its broad, overlapping structure fills the atrium’s centralized volume creating an on-going kaleidoscope of visual experiences.


Facebook directly engages with independent artists through their Artist In Residence program. Their goal is to integrate handmade art (analog only) directly within the work spaces to inspire and encourage the workforce. I set out to create something absolutely fantastical and wondrous. My contributions here have been overwhelmingly positive.


This is all hand cut paper. Paper was first sealed with acrylic paint on both sides. Production timelines were extremely tight—seven weeks to complete both projects. My regular studio practice was upended in a whirlwind of production having to output so much large-scale hand-cut paper in so little time. The artwork yielded through this intensified process records its frenetic making byway of interconnected nature-based formations and methodical geometric repetitions.

Additional Information

22x15x15 feet | acrylic and glitter on hand cut paper, string | 2016 Permanent Site-Specifc Installation Facebook, Inc. Playa Vista, CA 2016