Ernst and Young Timeline - CODAworx

Ernst and Young Timeline

Client: Ernst and Young

Location: Columbus, OH, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Linda Leviton

Art Consultant

Brenda Kroos

Brenda Kroos Gallery


This project is the Ernst and Young commemorative timeline. The work is 9' by 5' by 4″ deep. The panels are silkscreened anadized aluminum panels.


The goal was to create a commemorative piece that the client would be able to evolve over time. The client wanted the pieces to be made up of panels that could be updated, changed out for new panels, and moved around. This work was also designed to fit the space, and to be able to grow if the client wanted to add more panels to the work.


I worked with Ernest and Young on text through Brenda Kroos Gallery. The gallery also helped to determine the color scheme with the client. I worked on the palette, patterns, layout and shared with this client during a variety of approval stages.