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Evolution of a choice

Submitted by Edward Tkachuk

Client: Mebelmarkt

Location: Yroslawl, Russia

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Edward Tkachuk

3D visualizer

Edward Tkachuk

Author of the project

Edward Tkachuk


What is interior shopping for you? Stress? Cash spending? The agony of choosing between good and what is even better? The last statement is partially true. Interior shopping is a choice. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Choice is fun. A great choice is an evolution, or rather the evolution of a choice!


I tried to reflect the concept of evolution when designing the Mebel Markt furniture center. A bit of background: having arrived in Yaroslavl, Mebel Markt immediately stated that it did not want to be one of dozens of ordinary shopping centers. The owners said they wanted to stand out. That they want to create a special place in the city where they want to return. I liked what I heard, and even then I understood how to bring the desire of partners to life.


Take a look at the project! Before you is a reflection of all the stages through which each of us passes during interior shopping. Here is the figure of a thinker. This is the starting point. He does what we all do. We think before shopping. We are in an internal search. We evaluate our capabilities and range. We try on certain styles for our home ...
But sooner or later thought turns into action. We are starting to move towards our goal. With every step, with every action, our inner confidence grows, and the movement becomes more and more rapid. Shopping turns into a race, at the end of which - the embodiment of our dream of comfort!
At the same time, each of us comes to the furniture center for something of our own. Someone is looking for furniture for the living room, someone is looking for a kitchen, a sofa or something else ... The difference in motives that brought us here is reflected in the color palette of the figures. Yes, we are different and are looking for something different. But we have one goal - comfort and homeliness. And having achieved this goal, we can feel like the kings of our own interiors. This is the pinnacle of the evolution of choice. This is your dream come true!