Eucledic Lighting - CODAworx

Eucledic Lighting

Submitted by Daglicht & Vorm

Client: Museum Contemporary Art

Location: Schiedam, Netherlands

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Rudolf Teunissen

Daglicht & Vorm


Hans Wilschut

Studio Hans Wilschut


The Euclidian projector is the instrument that is used to create the light space. It is the source of the light space. The projector produces vertical and horizontal lines of light which project a Euclidian geometry of straight lines into the three-dimensional space. The Euclidian projector creates new perspectives and a new geometry within an existing geometry. And the existing space is remodelled and experienced in a different way.


A temporarily installation during the rebuilding of the museum of contempory art in Schiedam requestioning the function of identity, art and space.