Essence of Trees - CODAworx

Essence of Trees

Submitted by Christina Thomas

Client: Hotel McCoy

Location: Tucson, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Nicole Dahlia

Hotel McCoy

Industry Resource


XeroCraft Hackerspace


Christina Thomas


This is a mixed media mural, installed inside of an outdoor hallway at Hotel McCoy in Arizona. It’s 20’ long and 8’ high by 5' wide. Both sides and the ceiling are treated. The yellow four pointed stars are plexiglass that I cut out (there are about a thousand of them) and then attached on top of stars that I spray painted one at a time. Other materials in this piece include Nova paint, shimmer varnish and glass glitter.


The goal for this artwork was to create a real experience for the viewers. They can walk through the art and feel like they are being taken away, out of their everyday lives, into another world. Hotel McCoy is an "Art Hotel" and so art is integral to their business model and it's what people come to the hotel for!


There was a lot of engineering and problem solving involved with creating this piece so I found advice through friends and also XeroCraft, a Tucson Hackerspace, which is my sanctuary in Tucson. It's an amazing resource for the artist community. Other than that I really wanted to do it all alone to prove to myself that I could do it...and I did! From start to finish, and every last star placed one at a time by me!