Esprit de Corps - CODAworx

Esprit de Corps

Submitted by Charlotte Lees

Client: City of Solon

Location: Solon, OH, United States

Completion date: 2004

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team


Charlotte Lees

sculpturebylees ltd.

Public Art Agent

Donald Holub

City of Solon Recreation Department


This sculpture was designed to enhance the entrance to the recreation center. It measures 12'x18'x18' and fabricated from painted aluminum and stainless steel. It is surrounded with seating areas placed at various levels.


Esprit de Corps was site specific for the Solon Recreation Center. It was designed to act as a welcome to the center and a place to sit while waiting to be picked up or a gathering place. It is the centers signature piece.


This was a collaboration between myself, the City of Solon and the Director of the Recreation Department. I presented the marquette to City Council and the Director of the Recreation Department for approval. I then worked with Tomco, my fabricator , who also installed the sculpture. Everyone was pleased with the finished sculpture.

Additional Information

The sculpture presents playful figures and words to create a canopy that surrounds the viewer. When the sun is shinning the images are reflected on the ground creating a wonderful environment. More of my public sculptures can be viewed at my website