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Entropic Garden

Submitted by Annick Desmier Maulion

Client: Corporate Client

Location: Paris, France

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Industry Resource

annick Desmier Maulion



Annick Desmier Maulion

Atelier ADM


Thomas Desmier, Photographer

Atelier ADM


Eighteen entropic plants, anthropomorphic silhouettes spread like a commando squad. They settle an environment in which we can roam. Silhouettes – taken back by silhouettes-targets – ally an impression of strength by their size (2yd) and of fragility by their transparency and the delicate drawing of the vegetable morphologies, two characters appropriate to these persistant plants, usual targets of weed-killers.

.18 pieces – 200 x 63 cm
.18 originals paintings on canvas, scale 1.
. Impression on 10 mm plexiglass
.18 metallic plaques engraved with the Latin, English names of each plant
. Floor space required : 45 yd2
. Mural version : 10 yd


This work arose from the fascination of the way nature regains control the space in the most difficult contexts. In former industrial sites, in the chinks of walls, nature reasserts itself. This process is associated to the apparition of disorder. The uncertainty of the entropic principle gains this other order which is set up. Plants have a logic which escapes us, and a firm strength which brings to the foreground the life between two concrete paving stones and a little of light. In front of this fragile grace, the tons of girders and concrete become short-lived and the nature immutable.


I worked with TRAPHOT to study printing on thick plexiglass. TRAPHOT prints on every supports and every scales. It is used to collaborate to public events, public institution as Museums and Art Center as Fondation CARTIER, and private society as DIOR.

Additional Information

The most modest and the most common of the wild plants is a source of beauty when we pay attention to them. By making monumental the wonderful drawings of their morphology and the incredible subtlety of their colors, I wish to reveal this beauty. Make so that the visitors crossing Entropic Garden, become too fascinated by this beauty.