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Emergent Origin and the Weight of time

Submitted by Fabrizio Constanza

Client: Private

Location: Guatemala, Guatemala

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Fabrizio Constanza

Industry Resource


Industry Resource



In 2018 Fabrizio Constanza design was commissioned to design, produce, and manage the installation of sculpture “Emergent Origin and the Weight of Time” at the entrance lobby of Las Brisas’s Building.


Las Brisas Art Coordinator was looking to install a work of art to welcome visitors to the building and the Art Collection. The Emergent Origin & the Weight of time Sculpture and installation were design to positively influence visitor’s senses for better enjoyment of the architecture and Artwork within the building.


This was a massive collaboration between fabricators, technicians, and Las Brisas Art Coordinators. The complete installation dimensions are 177 inch H X177inch W X 177inch D. In order to produce the precise installation for the Art work, the Artist and studio team digitalized the Sculpture and Space to be intervening. The Design was conceptualize considering the sculpture Dimensions, Space, Fabrication, budget and installation. The production process included Artwork restoration, installation site design, remodeling, and Artwork Illumination. The administrative and managing process included: managing budget, processes management, design management, client relations, and managing contractors.

Additional Information

I believe a Designer and an Artist is just as good as the team of people that make the project possible. Many thanks to Las Brisas Art Coordinators, Impelsa Illumination electricians , HTD fabricators, Fabrizio Constanza design team, and Ignite Performance USA fabricators.