Electroluminiscencia Colectiva - CODAworx

Electroluminiscencia Colectiva

Submitted by Omar Gómez González

Client: Expo Lighting América

Location: México, Mexico

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $2,177

Project Team


Omar Gómez González



Luis González Figueroa

Iluminación Viviente


“Collective electroluminescence” an interactive, playful and performative installation of constant aesthetic and conceptual transformation, encourages the public to venture into an electroluminescent collective creation, a collaboration of Omar Gómez González and Luis González Figueroa #serluzarte #luzcolectiva #electroluminiscenciacolectiva #lightartinstallation #luztangible #lightartcollective #electroluminizarte # ela2019 # expolightingamerica2019 Sound Design by Omar Soriano and @ leonardo.h.perez Video by @ eduardoc.garay


Collective electroluminescence is a work that makes it possible to bring to light within the reach of the sensibility of the
human touch, since in contrast to this, light is commonly found in unreachable places
as in the stars. The installation perceives the movement generated by people when submerging
in electroluminescent luminaires and the accumulation of collective movement causes an overexposure of light expressed in sequences and unpredictable transition times. In this sense, the work is kinetic, it only lives as long as a being generates movement in the lights. The oscillating movement of the luminaires causes a visual effect of persistence of vision which in company of the various light and sound transitions create an immersive atmosphere that transforms our everyday perception of space and time.


Collective electroluminescence is a fun work that invites you to create collectivity by feeling and playing with light, in this way also the work allows you to lose the ice between the participants and playfully experience the infinite possibilities of light.

Additional Information

One of the most impressive features of the work is that its low light exposure allows reveal our presence through the darkness. The work consists of a black room, 100 white electroluminescent luminaires and red and an interactive programming through pyroelectric sensors supported by an interface sound and light electronics. All components of the work were specially designed to the purposes of this project. The control system produces a sound when turning each light on and off, this generates a rhythm that matches the interactive sound design of the work. Electroluminescence is a not very common but energetically very efficient technology, with this project we try to make it more present in the contemporary lighting industry because we believe that at different scales and formats its implementation in lighting projects may be very relevant in the future.