Client: Perennial Properties

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

Media Panels


Sansi North America

Audio Visual Engineering



Audio Visual System Installation




ECHO is a permanent media facade commission site-specifically designed for the terrace ceiling of Perennial Properties’ new mixed-use development, Arya. The piece emphasizes a fluid architecture, where time-based spatial encounters transcend the static nature of the built environment, creating a communicative infrastructure and a hybrid sense of place for the 21st Century public realm.

The 9 chapter media piece plays a one hour and forty-nine minute particulate symphony revealed through fragmented views of the 100 facade panel design. ECHO reflects the celestial movements of the moon and eight unique constellations and specific stars as they pass above the building location throughout the year.
The perforated layout of the media display reveals an evolving, fragmented view of the location’s personal universe.

(100) 16mm LED media facade panels, custom configuration
(9) 3d animation sequences
1:49:30 looped
65’ L x 19’ W


Developed as a destination for the terrace amenity space, this durational project enables unique chapters to unfold seamlessly while street level and distance views engage pedestrian and vehicular traffic around the complex.

Custom 3d animations utilize fluid dynamics in particle simulations to respond to their unique celestial pathways. Coordinating in a symphony of reactions, the media facade activates the liminal space between the astronomical positions and the building location, transforming static architecture into a dynamic and spatial dialog.


This feature length animation project was uniquely commissioned for the art collector and collection location as a public realm destination development contribution to the signature property.

The eight observation dates were coordinated with the winter and summer solstice, the autumn and spring equinox and the mid-points between them. ECHO gives us a distinct sense of place resonating in a chorus of spatial and temporal distances, orienting us individually and collectively, locally and globally.