DNA Sculpture - CODAworx

DNA Sculpture

Submitted by Bryant Stanton

Client: McLennan Community College

Location: Waco, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Bryant Stanton

Stanton Studios


McLennan Community College


This DNA sculpture hangs in a stairwell at McLennan Community College, in one of the science buildings. Its glass work and metal work was all done by Stanton Studios.


Stanton Studios was given the space in the staircase of the science building to work with. With a space as tall and narrow as this, Bryant Stanton decided a DNA structure would fit perfectly. The school had asked Bryant that the structure resemble an actual DNA strand, but gave him artistic liberty to add creative elements within each base strand of the DNA structure. Stanton Studios added a unique element to this DNA strand and designed it to become interactive to the people who walking by. The sculpture becomes interactive to anyone walking up and down the stairs. At the lowest point, the base strands look frosted white, but as you walk up and your prospective changes, the image on the glass changes. Depending on the angle you are looking at each strand, what you are seeing in the glass changes. The strands transition gradually, looking frosted white at first, to looking more transparent and highly detailed strands as you walk up the staircase. The imagery and detail gets deeper into the glass as you walk up the staircase further.


Between Stanton Studios and the blacksmith who helped with the project, they were able to piece together this complicated and intricate project.