Dishing it Out- 2016 - CODAworx

Dishing it Out- 2016

Submitted by Diane Bush

Client: Diane Bush

Location: Las Vegas, NV, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Diane Bush

DBA Associates

Public Art Agent

Nevada Arts Council

Nevada Arts Council

Public Art Agent

Puffin Foundation

Puffin Foundation


An eleven month long project celebrating political satire, and free speech, by involving artists from across the country to participate in gallery exhibits, carnivals, poetry contests, public participatory performances, and community building through voter registration, art and humor. Materials included trophies, spray paint, dye sublimation printing, balloons, ceramics, costumes, hired carnival workers ( face painter, fortune teller, balloon twister), printing, publicity and gallery rentals.


The goal was to amuse the public while registering voters, and simultaneously encourage artists to participate in political satire, especially if they had not previously worked in that genre.


Many artists were reluctant to work in this genre, for fear of endangering their livelihood, however, by the 11th month, most artists I approached agreed to participate and contribute. It was difficult to find venues at such short notice, and one gallery went out of business, while another gallery changed its mind, so I had to become extremely flexible and creative. The most successful exhibit was where 13 printed (dye sublimation) gold rimmed ceramic commemorative plates were for each candidate, along with wonderful work by a wide span of artists from across the country. Each event and exhibit was very well received. Getting local press to respond was no problem, but we failed to get the national exposure we hoped for.

Additional Information

Even though the last exhibit on November 3, was a disappointment for many, we met our goal, by registering voters and we helped Nevada maintain its blue color on the national map. The videos, performances, and exhibits all helped connect the Las Vegas art community to artists across the nation. Many of the artworks produced were featured on a Huffington Post satirical art web site. The project also helped re-establish my artistic profile in a community of new and younger talent.