Denver Place Lobby - CODAworx

Denver Place Lobby

Client: LBA Realty

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Designer / Artist

Erin Kinsey

Artisan Moss

General Contractor (client)

Mary Harvey

Boots Construction





A collaboration between Artisan Moss (Artist) Gensler (Architect) and Boots Construction (GC), this installation was designed to bring an oversized statement of natural preserved (maintenance free) botanical (moss & fern plant) wall. Approximately 400″ wide X 96″ tall & turning a corner at 134 degrees, this piece performs as a dominant feature in the space. Additional botanical pieces were created to support the main wall in the project.


Creating a refined piece of preserved botanicals to stimulate an environment where the office lobby blends with nature in a way that refreshes and delights viewers. Ensuring the piece flows within the space seamlessly with other natural architecture.


Artisan Moss was charged with bringing inspiration into the Lobby at Denver Place on behalf of the client. Client allowed Artisan Moss to feature unique mixed media preserved botanicals with high textural elements to create an installation that plays with nature, light, and shadows.

Additional Information

We were pleased to have the addition of such a large and flowing installation to our project portfolio along with our other numerous commercial and institutional installations. The finished space is a deeply satisfying example of biophilic design.