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Decoplage Condominiums

Submitted by Pippin Contemporary

Client: Decoplage Condominiums

Location: South Beach Miami, FL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Aleta Pippin

Pippin Contemporary


Tom Rosenberg

Pippin Contemporary


Original painting for the Condominium lobby reflecting the environment, building lines, movement of water, light reflections, and energy of the residences. It was created by the artist to reflect the underlying vibrations and energy of the environment and locale of where the commissioned finished piece would be exhibited.


The painting, "Wavelengths 1-4" provided the main focus. It is composed of four modular 30x30" panels hanging side by side, creating a continuous 30x120" image. Working on the piece in components allowed Rosenberg to paint it on-site allowing him to absorb the energy, vibrations and rhythm of the specific locale. Drawing inspiration from architectural and natural elements: imprinted textures on the sand, building lines, the movements of the water, wind and light reflections, became the primordial and mutating vocabulary of Rosenberg's Miami "Wavelengths 1-4". Finding correlations and synchronic rhythms resulted in a mosaic of frequencies that came together and formed the song of multiple vibrations in reference to place, time and movement, reorganized and extrapolated in scale and patterns, reflected on a recording of the fragments as a visual poem in itself.


Rosenberg created this series of paintings specific to the goals of the project. They are abstract compositions rich in patterns and tonal variation, constructed from visions on explorations of the interaction with frequencies and perceptions of the every day surrounding elements and movements.

Additional Information

Rosenberg practiced a daily walk as integration to a new place, where the gathering of impressions happens, opening the possibility of creating an interface, a continuum of parts in sequences, interdependent and interacting languages that create a singular and unique dance with the environment. Out of this practice "Wavelengths" was created.