de Dar a Luz - CODAworx

de Dar a Luz

Submitted by Justin Eastman

Client: Saguaro Man Burning Man Regional

Location: Snowflake, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $3,500

Project Team


Justin Eastman


Clayton Trevillyan



de Dar a Luz, Spanish for “The Birth of Light”, consists of a unique dome structure with a fabric cover hung below. The structure is a sacred geometric design brought to life with balanced opposing forces producing its strength. When viewed from below, it takes on the design of the flower of life enveloping all who are within. LEDs are placed to shine down upon it to create a beautiful symphony of color across the cover of the dome. A myriad of different patterns were designed with enough variation to present the illusion of an ever changing installation.


The main goals for this project were to create a communal space in which people can interact with each other and absorb the experience of the shifting lights. The original event that it was created for had no specifc requirements other than the project be able to be erected and torn down and leave no trace.


The collaboration consisted of the main two artists, Justin Eastman and Clayton Trevillyan, working together to design and then manufacture the structure in a way that would marry Clayton's structure, the dome, with Justin's led light work.

Additional Information

The project currently lives in New Jersey and is available for rent or exhibition.