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Daycare center murals of the world

Submitted by john devlieger

Client: John Reydler Right steps daycare

Location: Philadelphia, USA

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team


john devlieger

John Devlieger Artist ,llc


John Reydler

Right Steps daycare


The mission was to create an inspiring , joyful mural for a child friendly daycare center in a beautiful 6,600 sq. ft. bank building in center city Philadelphia. My client had the vision of through murals of creating a multicultural, inclusive, fun, daycare environment. My clients, to their credit, let me free to take the ball from there.


The goal was through murals to create a diverse , fun, cultural ,educational , inspirational, child friendly environment. My challenge to take a huge space and through art, create an intimate, warm environment to nourish the mind and imagination of all who work there.


This project was a total collaboration between the owner and myself. My clients brought in a multicultural consultant , and staff, all of whom I enjoyed their impute ,helping make the space a magical world of wonderment for the children.