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Database – an installation on the subject of surveillance

Submitted by Tobias Zimmer

Client: self initiated

Location: Trier, Germany

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $2,232

Project Team


Tobias Zimmer


David Ebner


»Database« is an installation on the subject of surveillance. It covers the invisible and unnoticed collection of data in both public as well as digital spaces and discusses the use of said information. The installation consists of a continuous printer, a paper shredder and two cameras, which detect the faces of people passing by. The faces are being printed together with a respective data entry that indicates date, time and number of the capture. They are then going to be processed by the shredder. This way the »Database« is gradually filling itself with huge amounts of paper and data.




The project was realised by the two artists/designers David Ebner and Tobias Zimmer. The room/location/urban gallery was provided by "egp - association for urban project development" ( They organize the room and give artists the chance to show exhibitions of 1 or 2 month timespan. During the year there are around 5 to 8 different exhibitions in the urban gallery which they call "Bühne" (german for stage).

Additional Information

»Database« had it's first appearance in Trier, Germany, from 03.07. to 17.08.2014 and was on display at the VISUAL, in Carlow, Ireland, from May to September 2015. ( --- project website: