Dandelions - CODAworx


Client: Billingsley Company

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team

design, fabrication

Mirek Struzik


project coordination, curator

Don Hodges

Billingsley Company


This iteration of the Dandelions connects two biomes by being both inside of the building and outside. They are also a part of the architectural design of the building and bring the feeling of nature into the lobby by a harmony of contrast between cold materials and life-like, organic forms. To create this sculpture I used principles of biomimicry and operated within the stylistics of organic abstract.


The goal was to bring some life to a rather cold interior and connect it with the nature outside. A guest entering the building must go past one piece located outside and it starts the process of getting in. This proces, in case of the Dandelions in Dallas is fluid - one does not enter just by passing the doors. It's rather redefined, slower and fascinating.


I cooperated with Billingsley Company represented by Don Hodges, the art coordinator.
It was an interesting adventure due to COVID related travel restriction, as I couldn't visit the site and install personally. However, we prepared a detailed installation manual for Don who personally supervised the installation. It was my first remote installation, but the experience helped me perform another one a few months later.

Additional Information

The contract was realized in cooperation with Legacy Landmarks.