Cycles of Regeneration - CODAworx

Cycles of Regeneration

Submitted by Liz Hickok

Client: Palo Alto Public Art

Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Photography and Design Conception

Liz Hickok


Kerry Rodden

AR App and Editing

Phil Spitler


Conner Jones


Palo Alto Public Art


California poppies float out to meet viewers of this 6ft x11ft interactive mural. The project is part of my “Regeneration” series, inspired by local plant life. The iconic California flowers evoke resilience, as this hardy species can survive in the harshest conditions and are some of the first flowers to return after wildfires. These images are rooted in environmental urgency, but they also communicate the power of nature to heal and inspire.

This mural is enhanced by augmented reality technology. You can interact with the mural via a smart device and app (built by Phil Spitler) with the same title “Cycles of Regeneration”.

For this augmented reality experience, I transformed the images of California poppies using a program that my wife (a programmer and data scientist) wrote. Viewers can use a custom-designed, volumetric AR app to move around in front of the mural, creating the feeling of walking through poppies, transforming around them. The piece incorporates a custom designed soundscape as well, adding to the immersive experience. The interactivity provides a new and exciting experience, but the photo mural on its own adds color and movement to California Avenue.


My mural is one of 8 selected local artist/artist teams that created original designs for site-specific murals supporting emotional and economic well-being in the Palo Alto business districts as a part of the city of Palo Alto’s Uplift Local initiative. Digital designs are printed on aluminum-based adhesive material and temporarily installed in various locations. My mural was installed in the parking lot at 477 California Ave, Palo Alto, California.