Crystallization - CODAworx


Submitted by dana lynn louis

Client: TRIMET

Location: Portland, or, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $189,000

Project Team


Dana Lynn Louis


Mark Makulovich

Waterleaf Architecture


TRIMET-Portland Lightrail


Glass Drawings, Motion Lamp, Projections
50’ x 50’ x 60’
 Commission for TRIMET, the light rail system in Portland Oregon. Crystallization incorporates large scale drawings and paintings that wrap elevator shafts. The cupola on top, a lantern with motion lamp projections, references a buried spring in the Portland area that is being restored. The images included are of the paintings and etchings on 3 layers of glass. Projections on the platforms are taken from the etchings and change with the equinox and solstice 4 times a year.


Highly integrated works which wrap around a light rail station incorporating elevators, windscreens and platform teatments.


This was a very consistent and intimate collaboration with the client, architects, and engineers and involved neighborhood gatherings as well. The process spanned 5 years.

Additional Information

The Lantern on top of the elevator has motion lamps inside of it that makes the water appear to move.