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Cranes Restaurant

Client: Cranes Restaurant

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $99,500

Project Team

Art Consultant

Brenda Locke

Faulkner + Locke


Studio 3677

Engineer, Fabricate & Install



Art Consultants Faulkner + Locke chose Transformit to execute their designer’s vision, extending the new restaurant’s origami crane theme into the suspended ceiling. Eleven angular panels, flat in plan, are suspended overhead throughout the restaurant.


As with any open restaurant, the underlying structure supporting everything overhead is often visible. The goal is to make what can’t be concealed nice to look at!


All proceeded with drawings until near time for delivery.
A site visit confirmed the project’s readiness, and the location of rig points for the constructors in Maine. Three weeks later we returned with the completed structures to assemble and install them.

Additional Information

Fabric panels are naturally inclined to light, and light loves fabric. With simple smooth shapes and demanding execution, the medium itself almost disappears. (please make a paragraph break here, or add text, “An additional benefit is that" panels suspended from the ceiling, with air space between, are about twice as effective at absorbing sound as panels mounted directly to the ceiling.