Cotton Mill Renovation - CODAworx

Cotton Mill Renovation

Submitted by Mike Ryon

Client: ESD Architecture

Location: Charlotte, NC, United States

Completion date: 2008

Project Team


Clay Elder

ESD Architecture


Ryan Blythe


The painting is an oil on stretched canvas 7' wide x 11' high called “Revival” by Ryon. Once the painting was completed and installed, artist Ryan Blythe created a hand blown glass lite work of art which is 11' tall x 4.5' wide for the adjacent staircase in reds and golds.


The client and architect, Clay Elder wanted bold colors for the entrance of his architectural firm. This went along with elements such as a red steel staircase inside the doorway and a glass room with a bank vault inside. The abstract was to look as if it made no sense at first glance so that it would cause speculation about its intent to provoke and provide thought from its viewers and finally surprise when its purpose was revealed. The hand blown glass piece complemented the cement staircase in color, look, design and innovation.


The artist, Mike Ryon and architect, Clay Elder worked directly together as the architect described his project of renovating an old cotton mill downtown Charlotte for the architects firm's corporate office space. The space was of brick and hardwood floors with a very contemporary feel. Size, medium, abstract style were discussed. A week later the artist had several rough sketches 7" x 11" to present. He chose the one right away. The artist purchased supplies and had a 7 ft. x 11 ft. frame built and canvas stretched. Then began the process of painting the painting. It was so large a semi truck was used to pick up the canvas and deliver to the studio then again to take the painting to the framer and finally picked up and delivered to the site where professional painting installers hung it with secure locks. Pictures of the creation are uploaded for you to see.

Additional Information

"Revival" The renovation of an old cotton mill. The white line represents a strand of cotton running through Charlotte in the springtime and ending in a city that is red hot today.