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Corporate Offices

Submitted by Emily Williams-Wheeler

Client: Horsch Anderson Manufacturing

Location: Mapleton, ND, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $17,000

Project Team


Emily Williams-Wheeler

Studio e


Kory Anderson

Horsch Anderson Manufacturing


Horsch Anderson Manufacturing is the North American Headquarters for its farm implements. After the completion of the corporate offices, 30 pieces of art were commissioned.


It was very important to focus on the equipment, the land, and the farm products in this installation.


I worked with the president of the company. I spent a couple of days photographing the factory process, equipment, and visiting with the employees. The paintings in each department reflected the focus of that area. For example, engineering had very technical drawings in pencil with vibrant colors offsetting the grey tones.

Additional Information

For the training spaces, I did paintings of parts of the tractors and other implements and enlarged them to make them abstract. The employees could recognize the parts, but it was intriguing to those who weren't acquainted with the products.