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Corporate Main Reception and Grand Conference Walls

Submitted by Rebecca Bolders

Client: Olsson Associates

Location: Lincon, NE, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Olsson Associates

Olsson Associates


The fundamental concept is to incorporate the Olsson “green” and the Olsson “arc,” into this design. Creating a work of art that compliments the Olsson Associates name, united with a sense of “movement” and “direction.” The specific choices of glass combinations brings depth, dimension, texture and translucent properties into this design. It is compiled of 8 panels of multi-layered fused glass. Created by using several complex kiln firing techniques. It is hung with 1/4″ aluminum french cleats. The dimensions are 4 1/2' x 6 1/2'.


This is a major focal point for Olsson Associates new Corporate Main Reception Wall. Integrating this design into this specific site was critical. The goals were to create a piece of art that brought beauty and meaning to the Olsson name and to the space. This was tricky because, it shared the same wall with the OLSSON ASSOCIATES name but, couldn't be a "copy" of the Olsson logo. These goals were achieved with the final design encompassing the Olsson "green" and a reference to the Olsson "arc."


This collaboration process was involved. Beginning with the initial meeting in my studio. Discussing the vast choices of glass, techniques and dimensions. It was a process of numerous designs, glass samples and several meetings in Lincoln.

Additional Information

Collaborating with the Olsson corporate team was a very rewarding experience. This commissioned art has been widely received and within budget.