Community - CODAworx


Client: Bristol Development Group

Location: Louisville, KY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Dave Caudill

The Studios of David Caudill


Jerry Cooper

Harpring Steel


Community lyrically renders This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie in stainless steel. 15’ H x 4’ in diameter. The surface is burnished in random swirls that provide dancing reflections as viewers move past it.

The first two bars of the music notation are presented in a spiral that lifts viewers’ eyes up to see the sculpture against a blue sky providing a refreshing visual symbol of the power of Blue Sky Thinking.

This music offers a reframing of our cultural moment. While America is being splintered into tribal thinking, the song reminds us we share a heritage far greater than the meager visions of our politicians.

Guthrie’s words This land is your land, this land is our land have become a national treasure. By titling the sculpture Community, I wanted to subtly evoke a sense of coming together.


Commissioning unique artworks throughout the building was seen as important to the distinctive atmosphere of this new residential development. Because the building’s name is Lyric, my sculpture was chosen for its prominent site in front of the façade. Community reinforced both the identity and concept of the place as a close-knit neighborhood that included a restaurant, fitness center, meeting space, pool and meditation nook.


The building was created by the Bristol Development Group, and their staff initiated the commission call to artists with Fleur de Lis Communications. Once my proposal was accepted, I developed a maquette and worked directly with project engineers and construction professionals to ensure the site pedestal would be adequately prepared. I hired a graphic designer to prepare the music notation CAD file and Padgett Inc to laser cut all elements from 5/16” thick stainless-steel plate. Harpring Steel was the firm that rolled pipes and notes to my specs, and I supervised their crew during all facets of fabrication. Padgett also furnished the crane crew that hoisted the 1500 lb sculpture into position. We then anchored the piece into the site pedestal. Fleur de Lis Communications hosted a grand opening to introduce the development to the regional media audience.