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Colored Reflections- Kinetic Dichroic Entry

Submitted by Sarah Hinds

Client: Michael A. Gilkey, Inc.

Location: Sarasota, FL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $10,500

Project Team


Sarah Hinds

Somewhere Glassworks


Sky Campbell

Somewhere Glassworks

Landscape Architect

Michael A. Gilkey

Michael A. Gilkey Inc.

Visually Interactive Composites

John Blazy



This exterior dichroic glass and aluminum kinetic sculpture is made to throw fantastic light and color. Kinetic panels are easily adjusted and landscape lighting increases the impact of the artwork in the evening.


Colored Reflections sits at the entrance to a building on a wedge shaped lot. The lot size dictated the building size, resulting in a crowded and unappealing entrance. This artwork, and the wall around it acted to unify the entrance. This design was a collaboration between the artists, landscape architect and engineer.


This project was a collaboration with Michael A. Gilkey, landscape architect, Sky Campbell, metal artist, and John Blazy. The team worked together to design a weather friendly, site specific work with impact and unity.