Coastlands House - CODAworx

Coastlands House

Submitted by Mary Ann Schicketanz

Client: Private Residence

Location: Big Sur, CA, United States

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Mary Ann Schicketanz

Studio Schicketanz of Carver + Schicketanz Architects

Art Consultant

Mary Ann Schicketanz

Studio Schicketanz of Carver + Schicketanz Architects


Gordon Huether


To enliven the entryway of this home, we commissioned a glass sculpture that was situated over a reflecting pool by Gordon Huether. As one walks toward the entry of the home, the artwork is framed by the stone passageway and creates a welcoming entry. The final piece fills the breezeway to the entry with the sparkle of the refracted light and creates a beautiful blue contrast against the rusted metal panels which the artist reclaimed from an abandoned commercial yard in Arizona.


Since the home is accessed from the downhill side, through a breezeway, we wanted a feature that reflected light in order to draw the visitor into the breezeway to the entry of the home. This sculpture defines the entry and has become an integral part of the architecture.


We liked the idea of working with Gordon Huether because he has the sensibilities of someone who works in the fine arts, but is also familiar with the challenges of commercial installations. His glass and rusted metal combinations are most suitable for the Big Sur vernacular. We originally created a space for a water feature but ultimately turned it over to the artist. He presented models of several ideas to the clients and after a few afternoons of discussion we settled on the final piece which everyone loves!