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“Cloud Arbor” – Pittsburg, Pensylvania

Submitted by Koolfog Inc.


Location: Pittsburg, PA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team

Koolfog Inc.

Ned Kahn Studios

Andrea Cochran Landsape Architecture


“Cloud Arbor” is an interactive public art water feature showcased at Buhl Community Park in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania where people experience “clouds”. A realization of artist Ned Kahn’s unique vision, “Cloud Arbor” is comprised of 64 stainless steel poles rising 32ft above the ground housing over 500 fog nozzles. Set at an angle to create a natural air current and managed by automated controls, it cycles the creation of an immersive fog effect with spherical clouds. Koolfog worked with the talented team of landscape architects, designers, and engineers to develop a fog system that transforms its shape with differing weather conditions.


Ned Kahn Studios is located in Northern California and the artist is known for integrating weather science, wind currents and natural elements into his art to give movement and visual texture to his works. According to Koolfog President Bryan Roe, “Our intent was to carefully and respectfully find a solution that honored Ned Kahn’s vision in creating a natural visual effect that has a porous environment and merges with the atmosphere to enhance the surrounding architecture.” The piece is interactive experience in that people can take in the visual majesty as well as walk among the “clouds”.


The construction of the park and fog art was a $6.5 million collaborative effort between the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, Burt Hill, Andrea Cochran Landscape Architecture, Ned Kahn and Koolfog. Comprised of unique waterways, meadows, gathering areas, bike racks, benches and a rain garden to manage storm-water runoff, the park is also home to “Cloud Arbor”, a centerpiece water feature, realizing the innovation and imagination of artist Ned Kahn.