120 Clay 3D Graffiti Art - CODAworx

120 Clay 3D Graffiti Art

Submitted by Esque Studio

Client: Killian Pacific

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Andi Kovel

Esque Studio


Justin Parker

Esque Studio


120 Clay is a large multi purpose building that was recently updated in the SE industrial area of Portland. The client was looking to have an installation in the main lobby of the building to add an element of art. The concept behind the project was multiples that define space abstractly or through defined imagery. To create a 3D hanging art installation with glass and light to inspire and reflect spacial features. With over 300 handblown glass pieces secured individually with meta wire and clamps, the installation was completed in 5 months and installed in 3 days.


The goals behind this project were to utilize the existing space and add an element of art but not take away from the natural light of the space. The area is in an industrial neighborhood of Portland that is seeing rapid development. We wanted to preserve the urban vibe and utilize the light to cast graffiti-esque shadows on the wall creating the feel of urban street art.


Esque pitched an idea based on the heritage and importance of preserving the original vibe of the neighborhood. Once the idea was approved we were given free reign on the project and the engineering and fabrication. We met periodically to update the client and document process and installation was done over a long weekend.