Circadian Wind - CODAworx

Circadian Wind

Client: Ned Kahn

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Ned Kahn

Industry Resource

Gizmo Art Production Inc.


The project consisted of 36,000 polycarbonate wind flaps attached to 286 cables. The artwork starts 30’ off the ground and encompases an area of the building 58 feet high by 286 feet long totaling 16,500 sq. ft. overall. Gizmo worked closely with the building team and the artist to determine the cable and bracket design, and installation strategies as well as material and hardware specifications.


Gizmo and Ned Kahn's goals were to transform the side of the building to make it into an undulating space and create something eye catching and captivating for people walking or living in the area.


The cables were fabricated by the artist’s subcontractor and shipped to the downtown LA job site. Gizmo provided structural engineering, construction documents, permitting and inspection services, delivery, and fabrication and installation of all the brackets and cables.

Additional Information

Several pieces of heavy equipment were required on-site to access the four floors of the parking structure, including articulating boom lifts and scissor lifts. Gizmo worked closely with the building owner and management team to coordinate all install details, providing a safety plan, and completing inspections and permit sign-off at project completion.