Red Flower String Quartet - CODAworx

Red Flower String Quartet

Submitted by Toland Sand

Client: Mark and Teri Goodman

Location: Franklin, MI, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $103,000

Project Team


Toland Sand

Toland Sand Glass Studio


Chris Vespermann



Four rectangular columns of optical glass with an interior graphic, each measuring 6″x6″x22″. They are mounted on stainless steel brackets attached to the wall, and each swivels in the bracket.


I was approached by Mark and Teri Goodman to create something to go above their fireplace at their residence. I visited the site and with the first drawing they loved it. I executed it and installed it, no problems. The metal was engineered by an associate of mine.


I was given a free hand to design the piece. A gallery was involved and they were very cooperative and pleased with the result.

Additional Information

This project allowed me to use all of my skill sets, as well as providing me with the possibility of using techniques and coloration I hadn't used before. The Goodmans and I were both very pleased with the result and how it can be interactive even though it seems like the kind of thing one wouldn't want to touch.