Children Wonderland Nature themed Art Series - CODAworx

Children Wonderland Nature themed Art Series

Client: Burlington Vermont Public Art Commission

Location: Sutton, VT, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Ai Qiu Hopen

Humanity Memorial Inc.

copper fabrication

Bill Hopen

humanity Memorial Inc.


Children Wonderland Nature themed Art Series Depict Children’ wonderful imagination, their fantasy and their love for nature, artworks series unified with the flow of sculptual river/water, reflecting A wondrous world teeming with life of all creatures from river of life: Gigantic wildlife/flora/fauna/in contrast with miniature children in comparison. A symbol of symbiotic ecosystem that we are a part of the great nature, we are a part of greatness. 1 meters to 2 meters, cast stone and copper. Private commissions for large Garden setting. These are just artwork examples, to demonstrate unique copper’ texture, timeless symbols,scale and brilliant colors we can employ to complement your space if we are honored to create large scale signature art for you, the brilliant colors of copper can reflect the beauty of diversity and joyous spirit of children’ imagination, copper is also the best material, antibacterial, smooth to the touch,the least impact to our environment, to give emphasis to sustainability, nourishing children’ awareness to protect our nature though everyday choice,learning and play.


To convey children' boundless imagination, we often enlarge the subject to large scale, encourage learning and play.