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Interactive Chess Sculpture – People as Chess pieces

Submitted by Soli Foger

Client: Self -

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 1976

Project Team


Soli Foger

Art Consultant

Moshe Foger


It's a proposed sculptural landscape project. Interactive chess set in the landscape, where people could play and/or act as chess pieces.


People are rarely involved in the landscape. Either they 'stroll' or are playing in designated play grounds. This is an interactive project, where people can bring their curiosity, their humor, their 'play' into a sculptural interactive medium.


I developed this project in 1976, when I was an architecture student in Israel. I proposed it then and a number of students tried to create it.

Additional Information

Get people out - any way possible. Chess is a real fun game that is slowly disappearing from our short attention span life. the combination is fun.