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Carefree Chrome

Client: Private Client

Location: Carefree, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Myra Burg

Myra Burg Studio


Private Residence

Private Residence


“It's a curved hallway, very contemporary. We love purple. The hallway is very long.”


Addressing a curved wall is our specialty. The Quiet Oboes lend themselves perfectly to this application and the client was an experience shopper, having had a smaller installation in a previous house. The key was to incorporate the original pieces into the new installation without any pieces reading as being from a different era.


These clients are a delight. They knew exactly what they wanted and were happy to let me run with it. They were familiar with the installation process, having enjoyed one in the past, and couldn't do enough to assist. They love purples, the house contained plenty of silver and chrome, so we extended the spectral palette on either side of purple, all the way into turquoise on the blue side, through hot fuscia and tomato red on the red side.

Additional Information

After the hallway installation was complete, I was treated to a tour of the house. Having completed another project in Arizona, there were some spare pieces in the van, mostly black granite and rocky metallics with touches of fuscia, made for someone else. The owner showed me a guest bedroom around the corner from the main installation with a naked wall above the bed. "Wait right here....there is something in the van you might want to see." She wanted to more than see it, she wanted to own it. And there it is. Just One, right over the bed.