Burrow, Float & Fly - CODAworx

Burrow, Float & Fly

Submitted by Claudia Reese

Client: Dell Children's Hospital

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team


Claudia Reese

Cera-Mix Studio

Art Consultant

Sandra Gregor

Sandra Gregor Fine Art


Two facing walls in a vestibule leading out to the Healing Garden at Dell Children's Hospital in Austin, TX. Approx 120 sq. feet of tiled area.


Made to engage children's curious minds, give them something they can touch, feel and see. With plenty of movement: an undulating top edge moving towards the outside doors, horizontal stripes rollicking through the tile wall and gradating saturated color the children are awash in action and both soothed and stimulated by the color. There are 30 medallions of bas-relief carved animals--animals that burrow, float and fly. The burrowing animals are in the earthy tone striated area, the floating animals are in the water tone areas and the flying animals are up towards the beautiful blues.


I worked with Sandra Gregor, Fine Art Consultant and the board at Dell Children's Hospital to define the area for the piece and to fine tune it's scale, and overall dimensions. All the rest, they left up to me.

Additional Information

What I hear about it after the fact is that the children love it, are always playing with the animals, making up stories about them, and visiting them.