BruumRumm! - CODAworx


Submitted by Diana Toucedo

Client: DHUB

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $3,359

Project Team


David Torrents

David Torrents Studio

Industry Resource

Diana Toucedo, filmmaker



artec3 Studio

artec3 Studio


Led's Control

Led's Control


Color, noise and interactivity is the base of David Torrents graphic art and artec3Studio in Barcelona city.


David Torrents, graphic designer, and Maurici Ginés (artec3 Studio) builds a new space in Barcelona: a square that mixes color, sound and interactivity. Our goal was make visible how people change in public space due to this project.


Collaboration was absolutely in this process. All of us took part of the total project, so if we were feeling the emotion of colour and sound in between, people would feel it too.

Additional Information

-Color because constantly there are moving lights flowing under the feet of those who observe it. -Sound because there are sound sensors that perceive ambient noises and the screams of the environment. -Interactivity because the soft lights oscillate dramatically depending on the intensity of the screams or noises. The designer David Torrents and Maurici Ginés plunges us into his world of sound and colors forms to discover this graphic art installation in Barcelona.