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Boston Museum of Science

Client: Boston Museum of Science

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 1987

Project Team

Austine Studios

Boston Museum of Science


Edwin H. Land

Polaroid Corporation


Titled “Human Connections,” Austine and her team created this Boston Museum of Science installation in 1987 and is still there today. Created with the Mixed Polage Art Media Austine invented, this mural installation stands at 25 by 27 feet tall. The artwork is constructed of 8 separate hexagonal light boxes, with an angled plane of polarizing filter circles hanging in front of each. Interactive handheld and fixed viewers are available in the space for visitors to view the artwork through. Looking through the rotating filters in the environment allows the images to change.


This artwork's design tells the story of the history of communication from earliest cave markings to our journey into space. With the sense of magic this Polage artwork creates and its sheer vastness allows for its message to be highly impactful to each visitor at the museum.


It was originally planned to be displayed for only 10 years, but has become a popular exhibit at the museum for over 30 years.