Submitted by Lyle London

Client: Peoria Arts Commission

Location: Peoria, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Jeff Zischke

Zischke Studio


Peoria Arts Commission

City of Peoria


Blooming Spire was commissioned by the Peoria Arts Commission, Peoria, Arizona through a national competition. The concept was derived from the blooms of native Arizona plants including: Hesperaloe , penstemon and agave blooms. The sculpture measures 50’ tall and 10’ diameter on a 30’ diameter plaza with 5 in ground and 5 projector IP rated RGB-LED lights.


The City wanted a dynamic large scale sculpture on a heavily trafficked corner and as a gateway
to Lake Pleasant. I wanted to make the sculpture interesting for passersby for both day and night time viewing. To achieve this prismatic polycarbonate was used to reflect the suns rays during the day and absorb the projected computer controlled color at night.

Additional Information

Bloom type shapes were designed and an initial wood mold was CNC cut on a 3d modeling table. The form was then cast in aluminum with the bloom shapes cast in prismatic polycarbonate. A steel fabrication / transportation platform was built to aid in the building of the stainless steel tubing sculptural frame. 2 cranes were used to install the sculpture which sits 100 feet off of a main road.