Bishops Chair - CODAworx

Bishops Chair

Submitted by Michael Shacham

Client: Greek Orthodox Church

Location: Woodland Park, NJ, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $12,600

Project Team


Michael Shacham

Shacham Sculpture Studio


Scott Severn


I was asked to design a bishops chair for the Greek Orthodox Church in Woodland Park NJ. I worked with Scott Severns, using beautiful mahogany wood the chair is about 5′ high in the back. I sent the drawings to Scott he cut the parts out and I carved them,using motives that the father indicated were appropriate for the project.


They were renovating the whole stage so we added the chair and the 2 benches on the left and right of the chair.


When I received the commission I created a design based on the information given to me by the Customer and sent it to him for approval. once approved, I contacted the carpenter Scott Severns, and we worked out a plan of action. he would cut and fit all the parts, but not glue anything yet, I then took the parts and carved all the surfaces that I designed. when finished I returned them to him to assemble, glue up and finish.

Additional Information

We then delivered the throne and the benches and set them up on both sides of the throne.